World Traveler Finds Her Forever Home in SW Portland

After a two year home search, Portland native and travel agency owner Barbara Kelley found her forever home in SW Portland’s Vista Hills neighborhood. The home checked off all the boxes on her must-have list but needed a cosmetic facelift. After careful consideration of how she wanted the new interior to look and live, she turned to design-build firm Mosaik Design & Remodeling to help translate her vision into reality. The result is a modern interior with interest and whimsy through pattern and texture and lots of space to display collectibles from her world travels.

Q: Tell us about yourself

A: I am a Portland native and have lived in the Portland area my entire life with the exception of college.  Prior to moving into my new home, I lived in a 1200 square feet home in Tigard OR where I raised my daughter and son.  For the past 27 years, I have worked in the travel business as a self-employed travel agency owner. Four years ago I decided to downsize the business and work from home……. no more sitting in Portland traffic

Q: Tell us about your home search and criteria?

A: As my family grew, with a son in law and beautiful granddaughter,  I decided my house was too small for family gatherings, and I decided it was time to find a new home.    My must-have list included; a one-story home, 3-4 bedrooms, an established neighborhood, close to downtown, and an easy care yard. I did not want to be on a busy street or in Multnomah  County.

Q: What drew you to this home? Did you see the potential right away?

A: After searching for two years, I saw this house for sale on Redfin and drove by.  I knew immediately this house was for me.   The floor plan was perfect.  The interior was not at all appealing but I knew with right construction team I could make it into the perfect home.  I saw the home what it could be, not as it presented itself.

Q: What are your thoughts on buying a fixer versus move-in ready?

A: I wanted an older home because I don’t like the style of new homes currently being built.  It was very important to me not to have the same house as another neighbor.  My father was a contractor who developed many neighborhoods in the’ 50s and ’60s and I grew up around cookie cutter homes and it’s just not my preference. (He built my home in Tigard and I chose a different floor plan than all the other homes in the neighborhood)

Q: How was the design and remodeling process? Did you have a vision of what you wanted or did it evolve along the way? 

A: I gave myself a month to sit in the house, (I did not sell my Tigard home right away … living in a home while it is being remolded is not for me) and I began to plan what I wanted to do and how I wanted it to look.   Working with Mosaik Design was wonderful!  I knew after talking with Scott Jaworski and telling him my vision that Mosaik Design was a good fit for me.

Q: What were some of your resources for inspiration? 

A: The hardest part of the remodeling was explaining my vision and style.  Erin Davis, Mosaik Design’s lead designer, suggested I look on Houzz and send her photos of things I liked.  So I sent her everything I liked and told her what space I needed for my “stuff”. (I have over 100 cookbooks) and she designed everything to fit my needs and wants.   The home is everything I wanted and is me!

Q: What advice can you give others looking for their forever home in today’s market?

A: My best advice to people who are looking for a new (forever) home is to know what you want and how you live.   Most of all, don’t be rushed!   Look and stand in each room and see if it fits your lifestyle.  Most of all don’t be talked into buying a home because it is a “good deal” or “won’t be on the market long”.     I looked at homes for two years before I found the perfect forever home.

Q: How about tips on choosing and working with a remodeling company?

A: Communication is the most important thing when working with a remodeling company. You must feel comfortable asking questions and they must be good listeners.  I think it is important to know exactly what you want and what you are willing to spend.  Mosaik Design and I had a complete contract of what was to be done, when it would be done and the cost.   Sure, I chose a few out of budget items, but they let me know the additional cost prior to installation so I had no surprises.   GOOD communications!

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