Winter In Oregon – Portlanders Do Winter Right!

How do you spend winter? In many parts of the country, winter is a dull and dreary time of the year. However, Portland is used to precipitation and gray skies, and neither bring down our mood or diminish our willingness to enjoy the outdoors. Here’s how we celebrate winter in Oregon.

Sitting Around the Fireplace
Being inside doesn’t have to be a drag. Sitting around the fireplace and enjoying any one of the myriads of local brews is a great way to pass a frigid day with friends.

Visiting the Frozen Falls
In Oregon, waterfalls are beautiful all year long. It’s totally worth the trip to your favorite falls to see how gorgeous they are when completely frozen.

Grab Your Lift Pass
Skiing and snowboarding are an important part of life in Oregon. As soon as the snow starts to fall, it’s time to grab your season pass and make your way to the slopes.

 The Great Outdoors Is Filled with Winter Beauty
Whether it’s a crisp new snow, a beautiful winter sunset, or intriguing morning fog, winter is a great time to enjoy nature’s beauty in Oregon.

Camping Is a Year-Round Activity
In Oregon, you don’t stop camping just because a little snow has fallen. You just make a bigger campfire at night. The only thing better than sharing a brew with your friends by a warm fireplace is sharing one out in nature around a roaring campfire. Don’t forget the s’mores!

The Best Fishing Season of All
The southern coast of Oregon is home to some of the best winter season fishing. This is perfect coastline and the perfect time of year to enjoy your favorite hobby. River fishing abounds as well, and Oregon is home to salmon you will be proud to get your picture taken next to.

We Don’t Roll Up the Sidewalks
Winter doesn’t close down Portland, especially not the culinary and arts scenes. All winter long, you can enjoy great cuisine and plenty of shows when you get tired of being outdoors or at home.

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