The Best of Portland – Infographic

Portland, the “City of Roses” is the perfect place for a fun-packed July 4th, weekend getaway, or an excuse to extend your business trip a few extra days.  Whatever the reason may be, check out our great hotels, neighborhoods to wander, best local coffee and must try foods.

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  1. Oh Man! It must have been difficult to limit each category to three choices (I might have added Barista for coffee shops: Not so much for the atmosphere, since the one I frequent is tiny and has no seating, but because they sell Coava coffee, which is DELISH), and Tin Shed to the brunch category. If you haven’t checked out those places, then I recommend you do so!

    1. Thank you Kyra! Yes, we must agree Coava coffee is DELISH! We featured their coffee is a previous issue.

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