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Waterfalls at Hug Point State Park, Oregon | Source: Dennis Frates

Hug Point is one of the most romantic sites on the northern Oregon coast. The 43-acre state park is home to a hidden beach with a spectacular waterfall. Where does this state recreation site get its name? Why does it have a reputation for romance? And why do you need to be aware of the tides when heading to this secluded and beautiful location?

Why Hug Point?

Hug Point wasn’t always a glamorous and romantic spot to explore with a special someone. In fact, the beach itself used to be the only roadway that went up along the coastline. If you wanted to make your way from Cannon Beach down to Arch Cape, there was only one path – a treacherous route that took you through Hug Point. So how did this point get its name?

Source: OSU Archives, Gerald W. Williams Collection


Source: OSU Archives, Gerald W. Williams Collection

Travelers had to “hug” the point during low tide. It was the only time of day when the route was even passable. And even then, the stagecoach would had to have traveled around the dangerous cape pass quickly before the tide rolled in, making the pass disappear until the next day. Aren’t you glad you can just drive down 101 to get down the coast today!

The Romantic Hidden Beach and Waterfall

It’s not a strenuous walk, but you will have to travel on foot for about half a mile to reach the hidden beach called Hug Point. Fah Creek feeds a waterfall at this secluded location, it trickles during the drier season and is a full cascade during the wet season.

Waterfalls at Hug Point State Park, Oregon | Source: Dennis Frates

Once you’ve made your way to Hug Point, don’t forget to explore the many caves along the coastline. The tides have spent years carving out these hollows in the cliffs. There are also tide pools along the coastline that are chock-full of marine life.

Tide Pool | Source: Oregon State Park

Safety First When Visiting Hug Point

Remember how the beach got its name in the first place. If you intend to travel to this strip of beach that is only possible during low tide, you have to know when high tide is scheduled to come in. Do your research and don’t get caught off-guard as the tide comes in. The romantic sandy cove can become frightening very quickly if you find yourself at the old stagecoach trail during the wrong time of day.

So be sure to plan your trip well, have fun, and stay safe!

The Romantic Oregon Coastline

Hug Point is a highlight in the history and beauty of the Oregon coastline. A half mile sloping walkway is all that stands between you and this beautiful historic beach with a seasonal waterfall and hidden caves. It’s the perfect spot for an adventure with a loved one!

Romantic Hug Point | Source: The Sweetest Way Cannon Beach Oregon Travel Tips

[ Access Hug Point Tide Information Here ]

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