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Recently I caught up with  Brittainy Tiffany, owner & President of Tiffany Home Design for a Q&A session. Brittainy is the lead designer for the Quintessence home in the 2016 NW Natural Street of Dreams show.

Q: Who was the first person to make an impression on you in the world of interior design?

A: Growing up, my mother had a talent for making our different houses comfortable homes for the family. Some of my fondest memories are when we would leaf through magazines for inspiration to redecorate.  We’d use the furniture we had and re-purpose objects in creative ways. The result was always so gratifying!

Q: What do you enjoy most about interior design?

A: It’s a lot like putting together a challenging puzzle. I enjoy the process of pulling together all the elements and turning my clients’ vision into reality.  There are so many resources in the marketplace. It is overwhelming without the help of an interior designer.

Q: How would you describe your style? 

A: Elegant, eclectic, vintage modern, always comfortable.

Q: What are some things aside from furniture and decor that influence your designs?  

A: Nature. Ever since I can remember, the best inspiration comes from the simplest things. 

Q: Which design trends do you find most excited at this years Street of Dreams? 

A: Without a doubt, environmentally conscious design practises.

Q: Do you have any go-to basics when staging or designing interiors? 

A: I always consider the natural flow of a client’s house and how each room can best be enjoyed by its occupants.

Q: Finish this sentence: Every room needs a _________________.

A: Place for the eye to rest.

Q: What is your favorite room in a home to design or stage? 

A: Usually the living room or the master bedroom.

Q:  Do you have a go-to color this year? 

A: Cool Grey

Q: When it comes to interior design, is there something you will never do or something you avoid? 

A: Don’t isolate rooms – Create flow from one room to the next by visually linking spaces. Repeat a pattern or carry an accent color from one room to another.

Q: How would you advise someone who doesn’t have a big design budget?  

A: Invest in the important pieces – it is a common decision to buy a lower quality sofa and have to replace sooner than expected. Quality wins in the end.

Q: What or who inspires you right now? 

A: Interior designer, Jennifer Adams.

Q: Which Street of Dreams home can we find your design inspirations? 

A: I did the interior design and styling for NW Dream Homes and Stafford Land and Homes. The home is called the Quintessence.

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