Enjoy Portland’s Theater Scene

From Dinner and Show to Beer and a Show: Enjoy Portland’s Theater Scene

Portland has taken the classic experience of going to the movies and jazzed it up. These aren’t your grandparents’ movie theaters. These cinemas provide a complete experience to go along with your movie. In fact, even if you pick a dud to watch, you’ll probably still have a great time at any of these forward-thinking cinema locations.

The Classic Movie Combo
Having a dinner and then heading to the theater is a common practice across the nation, but how many times have you been late to a show because the kitchen was busy? Three Portland cinemas have the perfect solution. You simply eat your dinner in the theater, putting a whole new spin on the term dinner-theater. Why wait on concession lines for hot dogs and nachos when you can tear into a steak and sip some wine while you enjoy the show.

Beer and a Movie
In many places, happy hour means you can order one drink and get the second for free. Portland may have come up with something even more intriguing. No fewer than 6 Portland theaters serve up beer and a movie for under $10. That’s right! You can sip your favorite suds while enjoying a show for less that most places will charge you for the pint alone. Now, instead of just a happy hour, the fun lasts however long the runtime is on the movie you choose.

The Ultimate Romantic Movie-Night
Why stay home when Cinetopia offers all the same comforts with a larger screen? Living room theaters offer couches and chairs fit for a living room, alcoholic beverages, and a food menu. It’s a theater for those 21 and over. So leave the kids with a sitter. Or select one of the theaters that have mixed seating. The kids can sit in the stadium seats section while you head for the adults-only leather couches and booze.


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