Portland – One of America’s Top Food Cities

Portland Top Food City

Portland – One of America’s Top Food Cities

Residents already knew, but now it’s official. Portland is one of the top 10 US cities for food. In fact, according to The Washington Post, we’re number one (shhh, don’t tell LA). What puts us on top? Well, it has to do with a combination of factors, but the world class coffee, beer, and wine to go along with the meals doesn’t hurt at all. Plus, fresh local ingredients win over the hearts of residents and visitors alike.

Portland Style Food

Local Produce
Locally sourced food is a big deal in Portland. We grow the grapes for our own wine. Berries and truffles abound. Some berries are so delicate you can’t find them outside of Portland. They’d simply spoil before they could get anywhere else. So there are definitely flavors in this city that you won’t find anywhere else in the US.

Even if berries, grapes, and mushrooms aren’t your cup of tea, that may just be because you haven’t had them in Portland yet.

Portland Wine & Food

Portland’s fall celebration of wine and food is not to be missed. And it’s all for a good cause with the proceeds going to charity. We eat well and help feed hungry children in one swoop.

Portland Seafood 

While Portland isn’t known for any particular type of cooking, seafood is definitely the protein that reigns supreme. That’s because Dungeness crab and king salmon are fresh local favorites.

Nong's Khao Man Gai
Source: Nong’s Khao Man Gai

Diversity Is the Key
Since there isn’t a local style of food hemming in Portland’s chefs, the result is a defining diversity that ensures you can always go out and have exactly what you wanted (even if you are not sure what that is yet). Portland is synonymous with comfort, so don’t expect a fine dining experience; just expect great food and drink without having to get all gussied up. Food trucks abound for a quick and delicious meal.

restaurant-portland-screen door
Source: Screen Door Yelp.com

Portland is all about flavor pairings and service with a smile. And don’t forget to head out for breakfast or brunch. It’s worth waiting for. Plus, the lines will give you a chance to mingle with the locals.

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