Portland Is Going to the Dogs (In a Good Way!)


Portland Is Going to the Dogs (In a Good Way!)

Portland was recently ranked number 2 on the list of best US cities for dog owners. What makes this one of the top spots for man’s best friend? Let’s take a look:

This City Is Off the Chain

No other city in the nation has more dog parks where you can let your canine friend off of the leash, including:

  • Sellwood Riverfront Park offers 1.5 acres of prime real estate for off-leash activity.

  • Mt. Tabor Park has dedicated 4 of the park’s 200 acres for off-leash pets.

  • Chimney Park has a dog park that is completely fenced off, so you can remove the leash with fewer worries.

  • Hazeldale Dog Park has 4 separate fenced in areas, so your dog only associates with those of like size.

  • Council Crest Park offers 2 of the park’s 43 acres for leash-free activity.

  • Couch Park may not be the biggest dog park, but amenities like fresh water for pets and poop bags make this a convenient spot for owners.

  • Wallace Park is another completely fenced in dog park, and street parking is a nice bonus.

Not Too Hot Under the (Dog) Collar

Dogs don’t like it when the temperature gets too high. Portland falls right in the sweet spot with a 69-degree average making this city as close to room temperature as you can get. Just remember that, even in a cooler climate, you still want to keep the water dish full and consider a canine haircut in the summer.

Summer Fun

Portland was also ranked number 2 among cities that are most active during the summer months—perfect for an extroverted puppy who likes to be out and about. Since the weather doesn’t get too oppressive in summer, you get to enjoy the sun without worrying about overheating your four-legged counterpart. 

These are just a few of the reasons that your dog will love Portland. Come see for yourself!

Here are a few pictures of  dogs submitted by their Oregon owners for this article.

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