Oregon Wine Country – Beer Isn’t the Only Thing We Do Right

Oregon Wineries

While Portland is known for a seemingly infinite number of microbreweries, the state of Oregon also needs to be on your wine radar. Ever since Ron Honeyman and John Wood got things started just after prohibition ended in 1933, the Oregon wine scene has been on the rise. Today, 600+ wineries and 900+ plus vineyards employ over 17,000 people and add $3.3 billion to the Oregon economy on an annual basis.

A Place Made for Wine Making

Oregon has 18 viticultural areas that are perfect for vineyards that produce the raw products that go into Oregon’s many wines. In fact, Oregon is home to 72 different grape varieties. Here is a list of some of the favorite wines that come out of Oregon with a few notes on what makes our wines special.

  • Cabernet franc – spicy flavors and sweet aromas 

  • Cabernet Sauvignon – the grapes are high in tannins and thick skinned resulting in a highly aromatic wine

  • Chardonnay – the most delicate of flavors

  • Gewurztraminer – wineries produce every shade of yellow, gold, and copper

  • Merlot – herbaceous and less astringent

  • Pinot blanc – stainless steel aging produces a rich, modern flavor

  • Pinot gris – the elusive white wine that can be aged

  • Pinot noir – defined by high acidity and notes of fruit

  • Riesling – the perfect blend of floral and fruity

  • Syrah –  a strong wine with spice that trumps fruit

  • Tempranillo – for wine drinkers who love an earthy taste

  • Viognier – don’t let the sweet smell fool you; this is a complex and dry wine

Why Oregon Is Ideal for Vineyards?

Oregon grapes are second to none. Here are a couple of the advantages local vineyards have:

  • More daylight – Due to being farther north, Oregon has longer days during the grape growing season. Extra sunlight enhances the ripening process.

  • Cooler nights – Grapes are acidic, and the crisp night air helps to keep them that way as they ripen.

What do these ideal growing and ripening conditions mean for the wine made from Oregon-grown grapes? Local wineries produce full-flavored wines from sustainably grown grapes. Since the grape maturity is naturally achieved, little to no manipulation is needed to produce a great-tasting and aromatic wine.

Below is a list of Oregon’s most diverse and beautiful wine-growing landscapes in the world to explore.

Central Oregon   |  Columbia Gorge  |  Portland’s Urban Wineries  |  Southern Oregon  |  Willamette Valley


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