What to Know Before Remodeling Your Kitchen

Remodeling your kitchen is a hugely important home renovation task, as this is the part of your home which often sees the greatest activity. While you’ll surely want a kitchen that looks magnificent, it’s crucial that any redesign is highly practical and makes essential household tasks easy to complete.

Also, any kitchen redesign requires astute budgeting. A general rule of thumb is to budget 15% of the value of your home, so if your residence is valued at $600,000, it’s recommended to allow $90,000 for the renovation project. You may have your own priorities as to which elements of the renovation are most important, but windows, floors and cabinets are likely to take up the largest portion of the budget, along with the cost of paying for labor.

This infographic from Pennywell provides a nicely summarized guide to the most important considerations to take into account when planning to renovate your kitchen. It’s worth taking all the time you need to have a solid plan in place, as launching head-first into kitchen renovation will most likely lead to expensive trouble further down the line. Check out the graphic in full below.

Infographic courtesy of Pennywell.

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