iFLY Portland Offers the Excitement of Skydiving – Indoors!

iFLY Portland
Article by Michelle Johnson

iFLY Portland Offers the Excitement of Skydiving – Indoors!

Want to take your 3-year-old skydiving? Now you can without getting a visit from child protection services.
iFLY Portland offers a simulated freefall experience by using a uniquely designed wind tunnel that is positioned vertically. Whether you are preparing for the real thing or you want to enjoy the experience of skydiving without getting more than a few feet off the ground, this is the simulator for you.

What Can You Expect from Your iFLY Experience?

Once you get to the facility (at least an hour ahead of your turn), you will be checked-in and eventually moved to the flight deck where you can observe others who are ahead of you. You will get some training, get suited up, and then it is your turn to fly. Afterwards, you receive the star treatment with a personalized certificate. Plus, you can purchase images and videos that are recorded during your flight.

By the end of the experience, you will have spent about 1.5 hours at the facility and will have performed the equivalent of 1.5 skydives. Check out this video to learn more about this incredible experience.

Who Can Indoor Skydive?

The beauty of this simulator is that the controlled environment makes it a great experience for everyone from a young child to a centenarian. Even ones who are disabled can enjoy the chance to fly. There are just a few restrictions and while you can read the full list on the company website, the main ones are:

  • No pregnant women

  • No children under 3

  • No one over 250 pounds

  • Check with a doctor first if you have heart problems or certain injuries such as to the neck or back

It’s a great gift idea. It’s fun for parties or family outings. You can even use it as a corporate team building experience with up to 12 people participating at once. It’s really exciting to have an iFLY location here in Portland.

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