Ice Cream Worth Screaming About in Portland

Portland Ice Cream Shops

Small-batch ice cream. Locally sourced ingredients. There’s a reason why you don’t need to stock ice cream in the freezer if you live in Portland. It’s a shame not just to go out and experience the unique flavors, textures, and ingredients. Where can you find the best ice cream in Portland, Oregon? Here are a few favorites to try.

Fifty Licks – Homemade ice cream without cutting corners results in the best textures and flavors. Real egg yolks make the custard base, so you know you aren’t just treating yourself to a bunch of chemical emulsifiers. Flavors are sourced for the best, well, flavor. For example, the Vanilla is single-origin and comes from Tahiti. Also, the flavors live up to their names, so you’ll have to show your 21 or over ID to order ButterSCOTCH or Rum’d Raisin. Vegan and glutenfree offerings are available.

Salt & Straw Ice Cream
Source: Salt & Straw Ice Cream via Facebook

Salt & Straw – A local favorite means a long wait, but it’s worth it. Locally sourced ingredients up the ante. For example, the chocolate for the Freckled Woodblock Chocolate flavor comes from Woodblock, the first chocolate bar maker in the city.

What’s the Scoop? – It will be tough to find texture like this anywhere else. Why? Liquid nitrogen means a faster freezing process. Faster freezing means fewer ice crystals. Fewer ice crystals mean a smooth texture. It’s delicious science.

Roses Ice Cream – Get ready for more small-batch deliciousness. 30+ flavors of ice cream and arguably the city’s best milkshakes make Roses a staple. The secret to Roses amazing ice cream: 14% butterfat. It’s worth the extra calories.

Ruby Jewel – Tasty and creative, Ruby Jewel makes flavors for purists and the adventurous alike. Don’t forget to try the six flavors of ice cream sandwiches. You can order one of the five favorite flavors stuffed between two delicious cookies or go for the seasonal option.

Portland is known for a lot of things. Ice cream should be one of them. This isn’t even an exhaustive list of the great ice cream shops in town, but now you’ve got a good place to start tasting.

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