Hillsboro Housing Development—Another Sign of the Strong Portland Housing Market

Reed’s Crossing is part of a larger development plan for the South Hillsboro area, which currently encompasses some 1,400 acres of open space. The city’s plans for the development envision up to 8,000 homes by 2035 that could house up to 20,000 people. The long-range plan also includes nearly 300 acres of parks and 15 miles of trails. – Portland Business Journal

The Reed’s Crossing housing development project in South Hillsboro is a massive undertaking going on in Oregon that shows how well the housing and job markets are doing right now in the Portland area. In fact, for employees of companies like Intel, Nike, Genentech, and SolarWorld, this housing project is a dream come true. You’ll be able to ride your bike to work while enjoying a beautiful, brand new home or apartment. Here are some more details about this very exciting project:

A Complete Community that Provides a Full Spectrum of Services

Rather than just being a place to live and work, the Reed’s Crossing vision is to provide residents with a self-sustaining community. Resources such as health, education, recreation, and shopping will be available without the need for additional travel. This helps to engender a community feeling where residents have every need met within their local area.

The community will also be connected by walkways, bikeways, and roadways, providing easy access regardless of how you prefer to get around town. The idea is to make this community a real home for residents, a place to work, and a place to enjoy the local grandeur of the natural landscape. The plans will likely feature everything from singlefamily homes and multifamily apartments to offices and commercial properties. The development is situated just a few miles south from the heart of Oregon’s Silicon Forest.

An Environmentally Friendly Community

Green practices are at the forefront of this community project. While development may be synonymous with environmental destruction, the Hillsboro project firmly emphasizes wildlife corridors that maintain a natural environment for local plant and wildlife. Housing for 20,000 residents will be centered around 286 acres of parkland and 15 miles of trails for various uses. School and housing properties are being situated so everyone can access a town park within a quarter-mile walk or bike ride. State-of-the-art methods are being implemented to ensure residents will have a convenient and beautiful community living in harmony with the natural environment.

Resident & Community Benefits of South Hillsboro Plan

Transportation Considerations Are at the Forefront

One of the things this housing project is not underestimating is the value of being able to walk or bike to school, work, parks, shopping, and anywhere else a resident needs to go. The transportation infrastructure will be uniquely suited to those who live an active lifestyle while still being convenient for those who want to use a motor vehicle. The ultra-modern infrastructure for bicycle use is really one of the highlights of the community, so if you have always wanted to spend less time in the car and more time on your bike, this is going to be the ideal area for you.

The Future of Hillsboro Is Exciting

This South Hillsboro housing development project is a 20-year project, but that doesn’t mean you’ll have to wait two decades to live there. The community is going to be built section by section, so this project has the potential to help out with the low supply of housing in the area. Start planning now to get into this exclusive community that hopes to house the annual Street of Dreams as early as 2018. The first homes are set to be available for residents to move in during that same year.


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