For the Love of Portland



From it’s food trucks, bike lovers, local brews, coffee scene and gorgeous scenery: Portland Oregon is know for the city of all that’s hip and cool. We asked our facebook followers to post “what they love about Oregon.”

Below are a few of their comments….


“The clean air, access to the coast (that we call it the coast and not the beach), the food and wine industry.
Oregon is Home!”
– Brian L.

“Beautiful scenery , the perks of the city ,but a more laid back lifestyle.”
– Sherri W.

“Whether a wine connoisseur, foodie, hiker, skier, or beach bum (albeit slightly chilly), there is an outlet for everyone that can entertain the weekend warrior in all of us.”
– Yvonne G.

“So much, where do I begin? Pine trees, pinecones, deer, elk, Made in Oregon store, the beauty of the state, the coast, even the rain cause then I get to use my fireplace, salmon, great fishing, my church & friends…it’s just me!”
– Teri D. 

“Absolutely everything.”
– Jollean B.

“The variety of terrain and climates. Great restaurants all over the place! It’s my home and I love it!”
– Gayla M.

“Love Oregon for all of its breath taking beauty everywhere you go.”
– Linda H.

“The food, the beauty, the nice people!”
– Ellen H.

“I love the outdoor beauty you experience no matter where you are in this state.. Native Oregonians and those who move here understand and enjoy the singular grandeur of this awesome state.”
– De Anna P.

“My home!”
– Amie F.

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Feel free to share what “YOU” love about Oregon in the comment section below.

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