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This month we welcome Cascade Development to the magazine to share with you how they make building your dream home an enjoyable experience with a beautiful end result.

Our dream: building yours.

Cascade West is sometimes known for the large, the lavish, and the luxurious homes featured throughout the year in tours and parades — but we’re more. We’re the full spectrum. Clients realize that as soon as they step through our doors. We’re where your home becomes. Our focus isn’t on selling or building the biggest house. Our focus is on understanding our client’s needs. Our focus is on function. Our focus is on you. You and your vision and how you live. Once we have a comprehensive framework for how our client’s plan to use their space; the rest is just filling in the blanks (with a lot of awesome stuff).

Filling in the blanks.

Designing a home may not be instinctive for some, but with over 25 years of custom construction, it is for us. The level of expertise needed for intelligent and thoughtful home design and execution has never been more apparent than in today’s climate. Ideas are some of the most vulnerable things in our universe. The idea of what your home is – ought to be protected against, what can sometimes be, the harsh realities of life. We can do that. Countless experiences with our homeowners have given us tremendous perspective on the things that matter most. That wealth of collected knowledge comes to bear as our pen marks out the first lines of your home. Our face-to-face design sessions are so crucial to this process. Working together and becoming totally immersed in the way your home looks, feels and functions is what we’re passionate about. Warning, this passion is contagious. It isn’t uncommon to experience the excitement echoing through our halls. This sometimes can be a double-edged sword. When the flood of ideas comes pouring out, as people realize how many options they truly have with us, it might be necessary (and a little difficult) to hold the reins of creativity that at times – forgo any notions of budgetary limitation. Again, that’s just part of the fun for us. Our team is exceptional when it comes to saving: the project, the budget, the room, the idea, the family. We are here for you.

Every step of the way – or not.

Not every homeowner wants or requires the same amount of attention. That’s something we understand and respect. If you’re an engineer or construction professional and chose us because you trust us, but want a full-size print-out of every revised set of plans and specs – you got it. That is not a problem for us. If you have part of your build figured out already and your brother-in-law is taking care of ‘A’ and ‘B’ and you’ve got third parties scheduled for ‘C’, excellent. Let’s talk about what that means for you and your home – then figure out if we need to be applying a credit or updating your warranty information. This is what we do – unfortunately, it’s something other builders just aren’t willing to. Well, we are – for you. If you like our work, but have plenty of new construction experience and prefer a more hands-off approach – that’s perfectly fine. Let us know when you need us. If this is the first time you’ve considered purchasing a home, let alone building one from scratch, and need a sherpa to lead you through today’s fluctuating landscape of potential opportunity – you got that too. After all our logo’s a mountain – we know the way up.

Our way up.

Around town we’re known as ‘the quality builder with family values’ and that’s pretty accurate. We spend more and we work harder to ensure our quality. Plywood, never particleboard. Extra thick under-flooring and windows with the only lifetime guarantee in the business — are just a few quick measurements of our commitment to our homeowners. We set our standards pretty high and we think you should too. When people know what you expect – they tend to give it to you.

Know what to expect.

 We do have family values. Oddly enough ‘family values’ seems to be a piece of marketing language that has been repeated so many times it’s all but lost it’s meaning. Please allow us to re-clarify, our family values come from knowing what’s truly important in life and acting to protect it. When you move into a Cascade West home you become part of our family. Rest assured, we only want the best for everyone in our family. Together – we prosper.

Building communities for our friends and neighbors of the Portland Metro and Greater Vancouver areas have allowed us to learn the right way to do business. Let us prove it to you.

This is what home feels like. This is where family happens. This is Cascade West.

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Builder: Cascade West Development Inc.
Contractor: Cascade West Development Inc.
Photographer: Exposio HDR
Location: 5687 South 6th Way Ridgefield, WA

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