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Portland Coffee

The Portland Coffee Scene – Roasted to Perfection

Ask any coffee enthusiast like myself, and you’ll find that the Portland coffee scene stands out from the entire rest of the country. Sure, there are good coffee shops in many cities, but the sheer number of grade-A shops in Portland is astounding. Most towns would kill to have even just one of these establishments. There are so many to choose from, but here are just a few delightful places to grab your morning (or afternoon, or evening) cup of Joe. 

 Barista Portland Cafe'Barista – Okay, so this isn’t really a fair choice because it’s not one great coffee shop but four. Billy Wilson is a coffee legend in Portland, and these four coffee establishments are the reason why. The real question is: where do you want to drink your coffee? The Pearl is great for grabbing a cup to go. Alberta allows you to belly up to the walnut bar (and they serve beer too). Downtown features classy marble countertops. Finally, Nob Hill is a great place to grab a coffee to go (or a glass of wine to stay).

Coava Coffee Roasters_1

Coava – This is a great place for those who care about responsible sourcing. Matt Higgins researched everything from agriculture to farming practices in order to build relationships with bean growers. His reputation in the coffee growing industry ensures that the product quality is second to none. 

Coava Coffee Roasters_2

Coava will be opening a new 10,000 square foot roastery on SE 10th and Main Street. We’ve been told they will be installing some coffee tools at this new facility that will make Coava the first company in the USA to use.

Nossa Coffee EspressoNossa Coffee – If you want to talk sourcing, we also have to mention Nossa. More than just the coffee shop is family owned. They’ve had their own coffee farm in Brazil since the late 1800s.

Oregon Coffee

Spella Caffe – From the full flavor of single-origin coffees to the ambiance of a beautiful glass storefront, Spella makes fabulous Italian style coffee drinks. Don’t forget to try the affogato – for when you want ice cream but need caffeine.

That’s just a small sampling of what Portland has to offer. Here are a few more  that make my list of the best coffee shops in Portland.

The Arbor Lodge  |   Case Study Alberta |   Cellar Door Coffee Roasters  |  Extracto Coffee House & Roastery  |  Heart Coffee Roasters  |  Public Domain  |  Sterling Coffee Roasters  |  Stumptown Coffee Roasters   |  Water Avenue Coffee Company

From café owners that have their own farm to experienced roasters, the coffee scene here is something an enthusiast like myself quickly gets used to and can’t live without.

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