BG’s Food Cartel – Beaverton’s New Food Cart Pod

Beaverton Can Expect Surge in Food Cart Activity Thanks to
BG’s Food Cartel “At The Round”

Beaverton foodies have something new to get excited over with BG’s Food Cartel. Beaverton’s first food cart pod named “At The Round” is a diverse lineup of 31 food carts featuring the area’s top vendors in one convenient location. Indoor and outdoor seating, along with heat lamps, provide a comfortable place to enjoy your meal all year round. Regardless of your favorite cuisine, BG’s just about has it all.

The entertainment area at BG’s Food Cartel will feature music with ample sitting space for families and groups, rain or shine. It is designed to be pedestrian friendly, with bike racks and an easy walk from the light rail. There will be lawn space, a fire pit, a deck, free cable and Wi-Fi, as well as several other amenities.

Diverse and Delicious Food in One Convenient Location

Does everyone in your family, circle of friends, or coworkers struggle to pick a cuisine when you go out to eat together? BG’s Food Cartel offers many options, including a speakeasy, with an indoor/outdoor bar with covered seating so you can grab your favorite meal and pair it with a brew.

Some of the cuisines available at BG’s include:

  • Argentinian
  • Chinese
  • Thai
  • German
  • Hawaiian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Mediterranean
  • Mexican

There are also breakfast options, healthy choices, and American fare, so everyone can get a taste of what they crave!

Some of the Best Food Carts Anywhere

Come back until you’ve tried all the local vendors so you can discover your new favorite place to eat. I’ll start with my favorite: Thai Bloom Restaurant!

  • Thai Bloom Restaurant – I’m already a fan of Thai cuisine, so it was a no-brainer to give this cart a try. I was amazed by the gourmet quality and presentation from a cart.
  • Abuela Chona – Abuela means grandmother in Spanish, so you know you’re in for real Argentinian cuisine made from the best local ingredients.
  • Aybla Grill – It’s Mediterranean food for every lifestyle. Whether you need a vegetarian dish, a Halal meal, or you want great vegan food, this is the cart for you.
  • The Tamale House – This is a new location for a Farmer’s Market favorite. You can even get the tamales by the dozen for your next party.
  • Urban Avocado – If there’s one thing you know for sure when ordering from urban avocado, it’s that you’re going to enjoy a healthy meal with fresh avocado as the star ingredient for an affordable price.

Those are just a few of the diverse options available at BG’s Food Cartel.

This Food Pod Offers One More Reason to Love Beaverton

Food cart pods were banned in the area until 2015, but here we are kicking off 2018 with one of the best food cart pods yet! From the 4,500 square foot wine, beer, and cider bar, to the 29 existing carts and 2 more spots soon to be filled, this is the new place to be for food, drink, and fun in Beaverton.

Location: 4250 SW Rose Biggi Ave.  Open Monday – Saturday 7 am to 10 pm and Sundays 9 am to 6 pm.

The History Behind BG’s Food Cartel At The Round:

The Biggi family has owned this property since the early 1900s. Domonic, Dana and Dean Biggi own and operate BG’s Food Cartel At The Round under the corporation BG-3, LLC, formed in the summer of 2017. The BG’s Food Cartel At The Round site at 4250 SW Rose Biggi Avenue is located on the former property of the home, horseradish farm, and headquarters of Beaverton Foods, which was founded by Rose Biggi. Beaverton Foods is a specialty condiments manufacturing company the Italian immigrant started in 1929 during The Great Depression from her farmhouse’s basement, where Rose started grinding and bottling homegrown horseradish roots. Beaverton Foods has now grown to a fourth generation, privately owned, multi-million dollar family business with more than 150 specialty condiments and 70 employees. These products are sold in mainstream grocery and specialty foods stores, restaurants, and gourmet shops throughout the US and in 12 foreign countries.

photos courtesy of BG’s Food Cartel

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