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We are thrilled to have Maggie Lord grace our magazine this February. Maggie has millions of monthly readers and her website Rustic Wedding Chic has become the number one online resource for rustic & country weddings. Welcome Maggie!

How To Plan An Amazing Barn Wedding

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1. Selecting The Right Barn For You

Deciding to have a barn wedding is easy. Finding the perfect barn for your wedding requires a bit more time and attention. Barns come in all shapes and sizes, literally, therefore discovering the one that best reflects your individual style and design can be a little bit like finding a needle in a haystack, no pun intended. For those just beginning their search, our Rustic Wedding Guide – a vendor and venue guide with over 5,000 wedding professionals – can help make your wedding dreams come to true. In the guide, you will find listings for all the right locations and services regardless the size of your guest list or the makeup of your menu. And remember, with whatever barn you end up choosing, always allow extra space for entertainment and dancing!!!

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2. Talk To Other Brides

Perhaps the greatest resource of all is to gather ideas and information from the people who have done it all before. This is why you should always ask your venue for references for previous brides’ contact information. Any good, reputable venue is going to be happy to give you a list of past clients that you can reach out to. If you strike out here you can always head over to a service like Yelp where you will find ample reviews for wedding venues and vendors.

Checking to make sure that the professionals you hire can actually do the job you are asking them to do is important.

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3. Inspired Design

When you are hosting a barn wedding often times you are starting with a blank slate, a completely empty venue that is filled with possibilities. The barn in itself will usually not offer all of the design specifics that you need in order to accomplish the inspired look and feel for your wedding. Rustic Wedding Chic is always a great place to start to find the perfect inspiration that you can share with your vendors. We see a wide range of styles from elegant barn weddings filled with high style linens and dramatic lighting to simple and eclectic DIY affairs that create a homemade look and feel. Once you have narrowed your focus on some specific design elements, head over to the Rustic Wedding Chic Pinterest page where you will find over 56,000 pins that are ready to inspire you and your wedding team.

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4. Decorations Complete The Look

Once you have decided on your decor style you can start to create and look for items to complete the look. A great tip a bride-to-be once shared with the Rustic Wedding Chic audience was to first look at what you have in your home and send out word to family and friends. You might be able to come up with a good number of vases or mason jars or chalkboards that make your look come alive without having to spend a good chunk of change. Many barn weddings lend themselves to showcasing the popular DIY look. From DIY favors to DIY decorations like table runners and place cards you can find all the most popular rustic DIY tutorials on the Rustic Wedding Chic DIY section.

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5. Double Check About Heat & Air Conditioning

Barns can get hot. Barns can get cold. Regardless of the season it’s always best to be prepared. If you are working with a full-service venue chances are you will have someone who is your point of contact to handle things like installing extra air conditioners or heat lamps. However, sometimes barn venues are just buildings you rent which in this case means you might need to make sure you yourself know how to turn on the heat and air or bring in rental items to keep everyone happy.

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6. Create A Weather Backup Plan

Of course, it won’t rain on your wedding day. It never does. However….where rain, snow or sleet are concerned it’s always best to be prepared. If weather is going to pose a problem you might need to move both your ceremony and reception inside the barn which can obviously lead to a few logistical issues. Make sure you talk with your wedding planner, vendors and photographers so that everyone is on the same page about how and when weather decision needs to be made.

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7. Make Sure You Have Enough Parking

Because wedding barn venues are often located in rural areas it is important to talk with the event staff about if and how there will be enough parking to accommodate your guest list. If your venue does not offer enough parking for guests, not uncommon, you might need to think about hiring transportation and having your guests park “off site” where they can be shuttled back and forth.

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Bio: Maggie Lord

Maggie Lord is the founder of the popular websites Rustic Wedding Chic, Rustic Wedding Guide and Rustic Baby Chic and the author of 5 books. Maggie is a sought-after wedding and lifestyle expert who often appears on TV, radio, and podcasts sharing her insights on everything from wedding trends to baby nursery decor to business advice. Maggie quickly became known as The Natptime Entrepreneur after a series of articles she published for Entrepreneur, focused on how to be successful at both motherhood and entrepreneurship gained national attention. Maggie is married to a fellow writer and is a mom to two young sons and lives in Connecticut.  

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