Backyard Bliss: 5 Elements of an Inspiring Outdoor Space

Oregon Spring is here and summer is not far behind, and that means spending more time outdoors—even at home. It’s the perfect time to take your outdoor space and give it an elegant makeover.

Whether you are preparing for a special event or just want to turn your backyard into your own personal haven, we are going to look at 5 ways to turn ordinary into extraordinary.

1. Lighting

Fire Pit by Paradise Restored Landscaping

Photo credit: Media Director via Flickr


Lighting up your outdoor space is a vital part of being able to enjoy it any time of day or night. Hanging lights, a fire pit, and indirect lighting can all create a nice ambiance without completely chasing away the night sky.

2. Flora


The right plants and flowers create the perfect outdoor atmosphere for a cozy and relaxing getaway right in your own backyard. The key is choosing plants that look good all spring and summer long and that do not require more care than you can personally give (or hire someone to provide).  Planting your own backyard garden can be a delightful spring project allowing you to reap the benefits all summer long.

3. Sound

Water Feature

To create a relaxing atmosphere, you need to control all of the elements of your outdoor space and that includes sound. Fountains that cycle water are perfect for adding to the appearance of the yard while also adding the soothing sounds of trickling water. It’s the perfect element for those who like to nap outdoors.

4. Furnishings


Outdoor furniture suits all tastes and budgets. If you want to nap in the backyard, you can spring for a cozy outdoor couch or have a simple hammock. Chairs and a table give you an excellent location for hosting an outdoor dinner party or for taking your lunch outside on a nice day.

rustic chair

Yard furniture allows you to create the feel you want for your space and adds a comfortable way to enjoy it. You can go modern, rustic, or anywhere in between. Just remember that comfort and ease of maintenance will often determine how much time you spend back there. 

5. Water


Adding a water element can transform a quiet place of reflection into party central. A pool is the perfect addition for families to enjoy in the summer. A lap pool is a great way to get regular exercise in the warmer months. Pools are a good way to cool off after laying out to sunbathe. Plus, you can invite people over for a pool party.

Another way to get some water into the yard without needing as much space is a hot tub, which also gives you the advantage of year-round use. Plus, add a backyard bar for making cocktails, and you can throw the hottest summer parties in town.

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